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Baby’s Badass Burgers

Posted by in on 7-12-14

Baby’s Badass Burgers

Baby’s Badass Burgers
(877) 962-2297

I ordered the BIG cheeseburger and Curly fries.You know that first bite you are excited to take first you smell it as it gets close to your mouth and you get a whiff of this burgers aroma full super inviting. my senses seem to not want to wait any longer and take the biggest bite I could.As I chew down on this burger my taste buds go crazy.You Know when you work like 14 hour shift and you finally get to sit down.It was almost like that in a peaceful place of the ultimate satisfaction of a true Burger.I give this burger from Baby’s Badass Burger 5 Stars and 2 Thumbs up.The Curly fries were perfect to me I like crispy on the outside and nice dash of spices and salt which I like.Thanks for the experience Baby’s Badass Burgers

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